Decision making under uncertainty


Future energy systems modelling

Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning (GTEP) stochastic models incorporating temporal reduction via clustering algorithms.

Robust process systems

Developing models and methods for robust planning of process systems

Decision Programming

Solving multi-stage decision problems under uncertainty, using influence diagrams and mixed-integer linear programming.

Blood units inventory management

Defining optimal inventory control policies using stochastic programming.


Efficient allocation of resources to a portfolio of decision making units (2020)

Wasserstein-Distance-Based Temporal Clustering for Capacity-Expansion Planning in Power Systems (2020)

Sustainable sugarcane-to-bioethanol supply chain network design: A robust possibilistic programming model (2020)

A practical assessment of risk-averse approaches in production lot-sizing problems (2020)

An efficient strategy for solving stochastic programming problems under endogenous and exogenous uncertainties (2020)

Combining penalty-based and Gauss-Seidel methods for solving stochastic mixed-integer problems (2020)