Recent & Upcoming Talks


Wasserstein-Distance-Based Temporal Clustering for Capacity-Expansion Planning in Power Systems (2020)

Decision Programming: a framework For optimizing multi-stage decision problems under uncertainty (2019)

The p-Lagrangian method for MIQCQPs (2019)

Revisiting inventory control using stochastic programming (2019)

Optimization under Uncertainty in Real-World Problems: cases from the Oil & Gas Industry (2019)

Tutorial on Robust Optimisation - modelling aspects and applications (2019)

Efficiently Solving Stochastic Mixed-Integer Problems combining Gauss–Siedel and Penalty-Based methods (2019)

Optimisation under uncertainty for real-world production systems: theoretical aspects and practical challenges (2019)

Decomposition strategies for stochastic integer programming: challenges and perspectives (2019)