Accelerating Benders stochastic decomposition for the optimization under uncertainty of the petroleum product supply chain


This paper addresses the solution of a two-stage stochastic programming model for an investment planning problem applied to the petroleum products supply chain. In this context, we present the development of acceleration techniques for the stochastic Benders decomposition that aim to strengthen the cuts generated, as well as to improve the quality of the solutions obtained during the execution of the algorithm. Computational experiments are presented for assessing the efficiency of the proposed framework. We compare the performance of the proposed algorithm with two other acceleration techniques. Results suggest that the proposed approach is able to efficiently solve the problem under consideration, achieving better performance in terms of computational times when compared to other two techniques.

Computers and Operations Research
Fabricio Oliveira
Fabricio Oliveira
Associate Professor of Operational Research

Fabricio Oliveira is an Associate Professor of Operational Research in the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis.