Research topics:

  • Modelling decision-making and uncertainty
  • Efficient formulation and solution methods


  • Energy systems
  • Production and operations planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Humanitarian and healthcare logistics

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categories: [Modelling decision-making and uncertainty, Production and operations planning, Supply chain management]

or/and of the following projects:

  • 2013-FAPERJ-Oil_SCM_uncertainty
  • 2014-CNPq-Oil_DistPlan_uncertainty
  • 2014-CNPq-Oil_SCM_optimisation
  • 2017-CNPq-Robust_ETO
  • 2019-AScI-Future_energy_systems
  • 2020-AF-Decision_programming
  • 2022-AF-Easy_DR

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projects: [“2022-AF-Easy_DR”, “2020-AF-Decision_programming”]

Group of Applied Mathematical Modelling and Optimisation

Group of Applied Mathematical Modeling and Optimization